Why do some dogs bark at midnight without anyone seen around?

Answer #1

Dogs have a different perception of the world than we do, also they have better hearing.

Answer #2

Just because you didnt see a person, doesnt mean the dog didnt hear or see something. Dogs have way better hearing than we do and could have heard a person or animal that caused it to bark.

Answer #3

Many times i have woken up to see why it is barking and found it strange also

Answer #4

Not to be too spooky, but dogs also have great supernatural senses. My late husband is still “living” with us and he will apparently tease my one dog to get her barking and I know that quite often both of my dogs will stare into a room when there is nothing in there. They are very perceptive little creatures.

Answer #5

Animals are also far more more sensitive to the spirit world than people are.

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