dog sitting.

so im dog sitting and my dog wont eat. it wouldnt eat yesterday either. its so small that if it doesnt eat it will get sick; what should I do?

Answer #1

OK from reading your message, it says your dog wont eat.. If you are watching someone elses dog and you brought it into your home which is your dogs home it is most likely because of the fact that you brought that other dog there and yours is jealous.. Yes dogs do show emotions and have feelings even though most humans dont want to believe so.. Try giving your dog more 1 on 1 time although it may be hard with the other one there, but you have to make your baby feel as though they are your number 1 even with the other one visiting. keep offering the food and always have water available, when your dog realizes it is still the king/queen of the castle things will fall back into place…

Answer #2

She’s just adjusting to her owner being gone, and you being there…(you didn’t say if you’d taken the dog to your home, or if you’re staying with the dog in it’s home)…but honest…it won’t starve itself…


Answer #3

My dog Penelopi just got back from the vet.. she wouldn’t eat either.

Make sure she is drinking water.. keep a close eye on her too. because If she doesn’t eat she might relapse..

Answer #4

The dog is probably reacting from the absence of it’s owner…many do that…but a dog will not starve itself, they haven’t the capactity to make that judgement…just keep offering it food, it will eventually eat

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