What does it mean when my dog will pee outside in one area then a little pee again in another then another lol?

Answer #1

He’s just marking his territory. My dog does it too, it’s perfectly normal.

Answer #2

Okay lol thanks. i thought something was wrong.He has to go to the vet anyways since he has a cut on his foot D: so ill just make sure his activities are normal.

Answer #3

Alrightie, good idea ^.^ but most male dogs do that. They want to pee on as much stuff as they can cuz it basically says that they own it lol.

Answer #4

i’m pretty sure thats a form of mental retardation in canines. my father is a vet and i think i’ve heard him discussing this once over a phone call.

Answer #5

All male dogs do that : / They’re marking their territory.

Answer #6

yeah you’re dog is just marking their territory so other dogs don’t try to “take it away from them”. my dog does it more than two times when we take her outside lol.

Answer #7

LOLOLOL ‘mental retardation’ xD

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