Dog labor

My dog starting having a bloody show about 12 hours ago. She is not upset or anything. A little panting and some contractions, but she is calm. How long is too long?

Answer #1

I will tell you that if the dog is activley pushing for more then 20 min. there may be something wrong. Puppies could be breeched ( this is common) but can cause problems, dead puppy could be stuck in the birth canal. My dog only has bloody discharge during labor. I would get in contact with a vet because of the holiday, Have you taken her temp, what is it? How far into gestautaion is she? How many pups are you expecting? Does she have mild? I work at a vet hospital and there are so many questions to narrow it down. Please fun mail me if you need any help. Hope all is well and puppies are coming by now.

Answer #2

I am so sorry, wish it would have been different, but I am glad your dog is ok. Dogs hide their pain so well because this would be a sign of weakness in a pack. Oh I am very sorry, now I am crying, we just put our Rottie down yesterday, it was time she was 12 .

Answer #3

every dog varies just like humans. although if theres no sign of pups within the next 18 hours then I would reccomend taking her to the vets.

Answer #4

I wrote the question and here’s the answer. After 12 hours of the first bloody show, she gave birth to a premature still born. After waiting another 3 hours for a vet to open. (no clinics available where I live) I took her in and they did a c-section. She had 8 pups that lived about 15 minutes. They were all premature. Mommy is now doing fine, but I was so worried about her. It would have been nice to have some advice in the middle of the night for her strange symptons. She was just calm and not in any pain but obviously in labor.

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