How can I get my new dog used to me?

I just got a new dog. It’s a little over a year old. It’s a female Chihuahua/Yorkie/Pomeranian mix.

She extremely scared right now, and she’s hiding under the bed. How can I get her out from under the bed, and used to me. I want her to sit, or lay beside me and stuff…not stay under the bed.

Any suggestions?

Answer #1

Its gonna take a day or two. Try sitting on the floor infront of your bed with some delicious treats (hotdogs pieces work well) toss one under to her and when she eats it toss another. Toss each one a bit further from her and closer to you. Don’t rush her, let her come to you. You’ll be friends before you know it!

Answer #2

I know you’re excited. But she’s not a puppy. Which means it is going to take a little while for her to get used to you. She’s not going to immediately become your bff. Just give her some time. You can try to tempt her out with treats. But I honestly doubt that will work immediately. Time is the only thing that will do it. It took my idiot cat 2 years before she’d sit next to me. For today, I honestly think you need to just let her be. She’s completely overwhelmed at the new environment, and just needs a little time to adjust. In a few hours she might come out to explore. Just approach her quietly, no sudden movements. Singing seems to calm them down (like slow soft songs). Put out some food. If you just sit by her for a while, she might approach you.

Answer #3

I should say hotdogs are not something I would normally suggest as they are not great for dogs, but they love them and are good to use when you need an extra special treat.

Answer #4

don’t yell for any reason, it makes them scared. depending on the age, and your preference, bring him/her to bed with you or make him a comfy bed. try to spend as much time possible with him/her. give her treats when she does something right, but make sure their meant for dogs. training w,ill also bring you closer together. sources: i have 3 dogs :) <3

Answer #5

i’d suggest setting up her bed, a bowl of food and water, and some toys right in front where she can see them, then go about ur day or sit on your bed. she’ll come out sooner or later because she will get hungry. don’t try to force things either

Answer #6

and, CONGRATULATIONS! hope you guys become great friends :)

Answer #7

Wow, two years. That would suck. :/ I guess I will leave her be until tomorrow. Tomorrow, I want to take her outside, and let her walk around while I play with her. That will probably help her get used to me. I walked her a little while ago, and she seemed more comfortable with me outside. She wasn’t running around going crazy, and peeing and pooping everywhere. lol. She busted my lip earlier when I first brought her home, and sat her on the bed. :/

Answer #8

Lol. Well like I said, my ‘idiot’ cat. Although the first day she did sleep on me. Never after that though. She’s just weird. I had an abandoned dog wander onto the property though. It took a while. I’d just sit with him and talk to him. It’s all they need, a little patience. I became his person then (i.e. no other dogs were allowed near me after that point). Just give it some time.

Answer #9

Also don’t give her attention if she is scared, that just enforces the scared behaviour.

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