Does Tanning help acne?

I heard that it may…

Answer #1

I would say it all depends. Most people when they tan they its usually at the beach right? Well the salt water that’s at the beach tends to dry the skin which will help lessen the amount of acne you may have. not to mention that becoming darker will help the visibility of acne. As far as a tanning bed. I would have to say it will just help hide the acne but not treat it.

Answer #2

When exposed to sunlight (UVB in particular), your skin produces Vitamin-D³ …which impoves body organ functions, including the skin itself, since its also considered an organ.

Regarding acne; tanning evens out your complexion, making blemishes less visible. Though some acne treatment can cause photosensitivity, making breakouts MORE frequent.

Answer #3

Some people claim that their acne clears with sun exposure. The truth is that tanning does not clear acne. Tanning, however, does increase one’s risk of developing melanoma and other skin cancers.


Answer #4

Heat helps, UV rays, Water… I have found that tanning does help. :) You are under those lights you color and peal keeps your skin from having that nasty build up from makeup… especially if you tan a lot.

Answer #5

no all tanning does is cover it up and make it a less noticable tanning beds and the sun both cause skin cancer and prematurely age your skin and face

Answer #6

I don’t think so either.. I don’t tan, in fact, I don’t get even a little bit of sun.. my skin is extremely pale, but I every once in a while I get a pimple or two… but that’s just me.

Answer #7

a lot of people do say it clears spots, when actually it just makes them less visible. you need to take in the risks from tanning. which is worse acne or skin cancer???

Answer #8

The sun helps for keratosis pilaris. As for normal acne, normally it isn’t recommended spending long hours in the sun. A little bit will help improve, but it could worsen it.

Answer #9

Even if it did (which it does not), all you’d be doing is trading acne for wrinkles and the possibility of skin cancer.

If the acne is a big problem, you should see a dermatologist.

Answer #10

Acne is known to be caused by a build up of excess oil and dirt on the body, particularily the face. This build of dirt and oil can be removed by regular cleaning of the body and face. Tanning does not help to prevent acne, although the skin care techniques used by tanners can help prevent acne. The most common technique used by tanners is to start with clean skin. This is because if one is tanning with dirty skin, the dirt can block the sun’s or bulb’s rays and act as a natural sun block:

Take care !!

Answer #11

if anything it will harm your face and increase the acne

Answer #12

I don’t think so… But the acne will be less visible in a darker skin

Answer #13

I would think tanning would make it worse…..Just saying.

Answer #14

I would think tanning would make it worse…..Just saying.

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