Does smokin really make you loose weight?

Heard that smokin is meant to make you loose wight or make yu skinnier or sumtin like that... that true? anyone know for sure?

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Ummm NO

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yes it is but it also kills you so I woulnt smoke to loose weight

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I know that smoking is no good.. but I do sports and eat healthy food and exercise but smoke a lot aswell so it doesnt do much harm does it? =/

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Just because you eat healthy and play sports, doesn't mean that this somehow CANCELS out the fact that you smoke. It's unhealthy regardless of what else you do... smoking = bad. it's as simple as that honey.

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From what I've read, smoking doesn't 'help' anything - may have a temporary loss of appetite but it returns and the smoking harm done, remains - do it the right way, gradual exercise and Healthy diet.

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yeah it does...but I rather not because it would kill you or damage your brain cells

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smoking can make you lose weight at first, then you gain it all back plus more, then you regret smoking either try to quit which is horribley hard or you die from it cause either way, you'll leave this world with regrets even if it's something as simple as smoking.

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