Does running makes your boobs smaller?

Does running makes your boobs smaller?

Answer #1

no if you were to loose quite a lot of weight from say running then yes becaue your boobs are fat and when you loose weihht fatty areas will loose it first however if you dont wear a supportive bra it can make your boobs sag more

Answer #2

they get smaller because when you run a marathon you need lots of energy, which you get from food. when your body runs out of food, it starts to break down tissue to produce energy. so yeah:) pretty cool huh?

Answer #3

if you are running a marathon, yes. if its just a couple laps then no. theres nothing to be worried about.

Answer #4

wow I did not know that. why do they get smaller?

Answer #5

ummm no!

Answer #6

lmfaooo!!! no.

Answer #7

I hope not

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