Does Miley Cyrus rock your world?

Does Miley Cyrus Rock your World?

Answer #1

Miley Cirus, Jamie Lynn spears, Brittney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Lindsey lohan.. (However you spell her F*cked up name) Started young in there careers and thought they were going to be big hits, first it was Brittney everyone thought she’s was hot young kids idolized her, then she started to go berserk. Then the bizarre factory where they got Britney, created the new plastic, Paris Hilton. She then got messed up too, drugs, super anorexia, ect. During the Paris Hilton years another even newer plastic was in the making Lindsey Lohan, she functioned well for a few years and did heroine later. To increase Plastic production the factory decided to make Jamie Lynn, and then Miley Sirus, Jamie Lynn ended up getting pregnant, now the factory is depending on Miley Sirus so they are using her to make money off of little kids and thus also influencing people so young to do stoopid stuff too, the stoopid stuff that she will most likely end up doing, like the above celebs.

So no she sucks I’m posting this everywhere in hopes of getting it through to parents in hopes of tellng them there little girl is being brainwashed to do drug’s get pregnant and most of all mooch on your parents.

Answer #2

She does rock my world and she’s not lesbian nor Bi, she’s a cool kid and , I don’t get why people keeps hating on her, about 79% of girls on myspace have that kind of pictures so get over it haters I think there would be more chances of Nick J been gay than Miley been a lesbian

Answer #3

no but if she rocks yours…more power to ya wow that was weird… im being…nice?

id better get out of this funk soon…

Answer #4

She ain’t a les.. thats just what girls do.. I dont do that but kisses on the cheek or eatten what someone else ate isnt les.. I drank out of a cup me and my friends where sharing.. and YES SHE DOES ROCK MY WORLD!!!

Answer #5

She rules! And Miley is NOT a lesbo!!! ALSMOST EVERY GIRLS DO THAT. MY COUSIN WOULD HATE IF YOU CALL HER A LESBIAN AND SHE DOES IT!!! I DO IT TOO!!! So jtuto09 you know nothing!

Answer #6

And actually the picture are here:

Not page 4.

They are innocent pictures. All kinds of girls do stuff like that.

Answer #7

I personally don’t like her, but in reply to jtuto09’c comment, I saw the pictures and they are not really “lesbian pictures” it’s just miley and some girl taking “myspace-wh0re pictures” of themselves making kissy faces and giving each other kisses on the cheek and stuff of that nature. nothing creepy :]

go there, the pics are in the middle of the page :]

Answer #8


Answer #9

I dont know much about her but if you go to they have all kinds of celebrity news thats where I seen those pics a few days ago…

Answer #10

shes guys she said it in the new mag of bi..she has mixed feelings…shes bi and yes she does rock my world

Answer #11

lezbian! lezbian! lezbian!

Answer #12

Nope.. I’m not much of a fan of Miley Cyrus.. Her dad made her famous.. She didn’t do it herself.. and she’s not even that cute…

Answer #13

Yes, she does rock my world. =]

Answer #14

I bet miley is lesbien nbut just a little. but she still ROCKS!!!

Answer #15

Miley Cyrus has lesbian pictures of her and another girl posted on the internet, I bet daddy’s real proud!

Answer #16

I love her shes so cool she has GOOD voice she is pretty

Answer #17

hell to the no

Answer #18

oh yeah baby

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