Miley Cyrus Or Tila Tequila?

Who’s better???

Miley Cyrus??


Tila Tequila??

…better at what?? Who know!

…I kinda think Tila is better…thats my opinion

Answer #1

Tila Tequila!

At Least Everyone Knows She’s Wh0re Lol

But Yea Miley Is SOOO Annoying I want to slap her!

Answer #2

~~ Tila Tequila Rocks ~~

Answer #3

tila tequila for sure!!! mileys taking over the world. shes so ahnoying. I love telia. I felt bad whn kristy rejected her

Answer #4

I predict that miley is going to grow up to be a pot head, just like brittany :]

Answer #5

Tila Tequila! I love her. I cant stand miley she gets annoying after a while

Answer #6

I think miley cyrus is a much better influence

Answer #7

Tila, just because I can’t stand Miley Cyrus.

Answer #8

Tila Tequila. I even like her song ‘F* Your Man’

Answer #9

well they are really different from each other but I can’t stand miley so tila all the way

Answer #10

I have no idea who Tila Tequila is so I can’t answer that

Answer #11

tila miley is sooo DUMB!

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