How badly does it really hurt to get hit in the nuts?

When a guy gets kicked in the balls Does it hurt as much as they make it seem? Sorry its so random.

Answer #1

Yes it does. Try not to do that unless your are being sexually assaulted or raped. Men parts are very sensitive, so please refrain from hurting a guy for no reason.

Answer #2

OOOMMMGGG Yes it hurts a lot. It hurts for about a minute or 2 then the pain goes away. But that one minute is the worst in the world. I’d rather get a needle shot then get kicked there.

Answer #3

Nature intended to protect the that area from damage by making sure it really hurts when being hit so we can continue to procreate.

Answer #4

Ooooh ya. Trust me if anything we try not to let on as much that it hurts.

Yes im a guy lol

Answer #5

It actually is extremely painful. It’s not really in the area you kicked, its a sharp pain in your stomach that hurts for quite a while and if you’re kicked hard enough, it can still hurt half an hour after you’ve been kicked. You can also actually vomit from the pain, I’ve seen it happen, and in some cases it causes infertility.

You shouldn’t do it if you don’t aim to really, really hurt someone.

Answer #6

Hell yea it absolutely kills lol and we get this stomach pain thing that is sooo bad lol

Answer #7

Yes it hurts. You cant see straight for a good 10+ minutes afterwards.

Answer #8

you never know it is painful

Answer #9

lol I personally think its funny but being elbowed in the boobs is very painful. ]=

Answer #10

yes, apparently it hurts a lot…

but I think being elbowed in the boobs hurts too!

Answer #11

ya it hurts like no other! its the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life and I dont think a girl getting elbowed in the boobs come even close to the pain of getting kicked in the nuts

Answer #12

in my opinion it does.. I once kicked one in the balls [feel kinda bad now] but he was like.. 3 years older than me and he layed on the floor crying in public.. I dont think any guy would do that for the random fun of it.. oopsie..

Answer #13

I would never know because I don’t have balls…but I threw the remote and it accidently hit my brother in the balls! and this time he says it hurt more than it ever did…and now he feels like if he never has kids it will be all my fault!

Answer #14

It does not hurt too bad. As long as it is one of your female friends and she is just playing around and not really trying to hurt you. I have had some female friends that do it just to play and flirt. It is not too bad then and almost enjoy it. If someone is really mad at you and trys to hurt you then that is a different story. LOL It hurts.

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