Does having your belly button peirced hurt?

Does having your belly button peirced hurt?

Answer #1

No. The initial piercing itself isn’t too bad. It’s the healing process that is really bad. It’ll be sore for a few days but it took mine like a year to completely heal. Keep it clean, with a very gentle soap(my guy gave me a special soap)but don’t ever use peroxide, it actually slows down the healing process for piercings. Hang in there, it’ll be something you have for the rest of your life, so totally worth it!

Answer #2

Ok… it really depends on how much pain the person can take.. with me it just stung a little bit, but a few days later thats when I started to feel the pain. And just a little tip.. make sure you get in done by a professional because someone who isn’t one can really damage your skin and get a really bad infection

Answer #3

It depends on the person although for most people it is totally bearable. It all happens that fast there is nothing much to be scared of. It will most likely be sore for a few days and you will have to clean ti religiously and not were tight fitted tops in the healing period. Good luck

Answer #4

not really, though if you touch it a lot like a few days after or knock it, it WILL hurt. or if other people touch it. I put a dressing over mine when I went to school and that protected it a lot from getting knocked about, though it still hurt when people bashed into me.

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