Where Can I Find the Prom Dress of My Dreams?

Okay so I was reading the magazine “Seventeen” around maybe April or May of 2009 I think, and I saw the most GORGOUS prom dress ever. Now I cant find the magazine. It was a yellow dress I think with some blue and pink in it. Does anyone know which month of Seventeen it was in? I really need to know, because this is my first and last prom.

Answer #1

btw the colors sound like spring colors! but I don’t know were to find it look in a spring cataloge I guess! im taking a wild guess at your guestion

Answer #2

Yeah I’m just going to let it go. I’m going prom dress hunting next month anyways lol. Thanks though.

Answer #3

[link removed] is the site where yiu can buy the Prom dresses of your dream.Onlygowns.com site is having nice collection of Prom dresses,Wedding dresses,Evening gown etc.You can buy them online

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