sick of feeling grumpy

I live in florida and it gets pretty hot during the summer…my parents have the air conditioning on 24|7 which is cool but I been feeling sick lately ever since it been on…I have a flu ..sore throat itchy eyes and I sneeze a lot…when ever I turn it off I feel fine but once it back on I feel the same way again..does anyone know what causing this…it really hard for me to breathe…I’m fine with the ac at work school my friends house..ect then why do I get sick when the ac on at my house

Answer #1

Allergies… your filter needs to be changed, and your vents may have to be cleaned out

Answer #2

well, the filter in your ac could be dirty, because its sucking air through it and if there is somthing your alergic to in the filter its just re circulating it through the air, take the filter out and rinse it in your sink pat dry then put it back

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