Does anyone have study tips for math?

I’m really struggling with math because I’m doing it online because I already have to many classes. Its A advancded placement class and I have no idea why Im taking it. anyways Im to far in the course to drop it and I just don’t want to fail any suggestions

Answer #1

hey its okay to be stressed , but only when its useful. any way heres what I think you should do ,

also this is what you can do,to remove all problems from your life;

1–Never let your inner mental peace be disturbed by external circumstances- “Param Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu”.

2– hey first of all stop sweating, I can understand your problem. here is what I think you should do;

–chant ‘hari om’(hari as in HURRY & om as in HOME without the ‘H’) do this repetedly & a point will come where you will feel like just close your eyes & do that .At this point increase the number of O in om like HARI OOOM & then HARI OOOM & so on.when you chant this VEDIC MANTRA then remain silent (no thinking!,fidgeting,moving,etc) for an amount of time taken to chant this one mantra.this looks very very simple but its effects are very very very large (even ALBERT EINSTEIN would not had imagine it !!!).

this is called ‘CHUP SADHANA’ & I learned it from ‘param pujya ASARAMJI bapu’.—>””

also read JEEVAN RASAYAN a book from —“”

      tihs will help remove all weakness from you,believe me millions have obtained benefits from it ,literally.

note—women during their periods are not supposed to chant OM .

Answer #2

For maths,practice make perfect.^^Good luck!

Answer #3

The most important thing in the math is the formula you must memories it. Then practice with hard questions and the question that have it in every math exam. When you do the practice exam don’t see the answer, first do by yourself then if there are any mistake see what it was and learn from it. The most most important thing is never and ever say it’s difficult and you don’t know how to do it because then you will never know it although if it was so easy.

Answer #4

just involve yourself and try to love the subject… mathematics is a nice subject ,right?

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