Does anyone besides me watch cancelled shows?

Most of the shows that I watch are cancelled. Some have been cancelled for over 8. Some have been cancelled for even longer. Is this weird? Does anyone besides me watch cancelled shows?

Answer #1

I am a FARSCAPE and FIREFLY fanatic- they have been cancelled for quite a few years- but I really love those shows. I am also very glad for dvds so I can watch shows from my childhood like BAA BAA BLACKSHEEP and many others, if I am not watching the discovery or history channel, I am watching the old shows I have mentioned.

Answer #2

I watch them all the time. Because some channels still play them. THey’re mostly kids’ shows. XD

Caitlin’s Way. Gullah Gullah Island. Little Bill. The Proud Family. (They don’t make new ones, right?) The Brothers Garcia. The Original All That.

Gotta love The N, Noggin, and Toon Disney!

Answer #3

I watch The O.C. and its cancelled lol and fresh prince, and friends, and a lot of others even though I have seen 95% of the episodes, so I say no its not wierd…

Answer #4

It’s a lot like dating a guy that you can never marry. You know that at some point, it will stop and you can’t go any farther (aka the part where it was cancelled), but you have fun with it anyway. Extremely odd analogy, but yeah. I looove a lot of the shows that have been cancelled.

Answer #5

Yup, some really good shows were cancelled (still dont understand why!)

Answer #6


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