Anyone unhappy shows getting canceled?

NBC cancelling My Name is Earl?” FOX cancelling “King Of The Hill?”

I am exteremely unhappy about the cancellation of My Name is Earl. That was the only thing I looked forward to on Thursday nights.

As for King of The Hill, I liked the show but could never watch it because I don’t have cable.

WHY WHY WHY!! !! !!

Answer #1

they are canceling King of the Hill!? I don’t have cable either.. but I watch it with an antenna… their bringing ghost whisperer back on ion television though! :)

Answer #2

go on to OV Guide. com and you can watch what you want any season or series of any programme or movie you want. :D

Answer #3

My Name Is Earl was cancelled???

Aw why ://

Answer #4

I’m very unhappy about it too!! Frig I’m infuriated!

It sucks. :(

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