Does anybody here psychic read?

Im serious. If yew do please let me know, I need help.

Answer #1

Most that claim to cant. If you can why do you not answer now? Its not as you thnk it works. Being psychic is more like being able to gather a persons past by what they have done, By reaching out to them realising one thing. That in some way you can relate to most people. Tehn mke it generic as Tarot cards do and in some way they can relate, their mind will say Oh How did the know? your mind makes it real. Then feed off of that.

With this I will answer your question right now. Peace is a path we walk. it is not a destination. If you do not make your choice what you would have asked this thing will be decided for you.Your future is open to 2 things. Weather you act or sit. Weather you walk our path of peace or let it wander away from you. Don fightmentl phantoms, get the truth.Get the Cosimic, this is solid Truth, slid answers. No one will get it for you.

Answer #2

to be honest I do what do you need

Answer #3

I predict in 1 min a post will appear from, erm, me…

the lottery will be won by a man… or a woman between the ages of 16 and 123

lmao sry couldnt help it :)

no I dont physic read..

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