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is this a drug addiction. or just an addiction.

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I seem to have such a good life, I get good grades and I love all my friends and hate no one. But something no one knows, not even my best friends know is that im addicted to sniffing strong products. Mainly nail polish, nail polish remover, gasoline, cleaning products & strong permanent markers. If I go to long without smelling something strong I feel myself starting to get angry. And when I do have it , I cant stop smelling it. When I cant seem to find something that smells strong in my room like nail polish , I tear my whole room apart looking for it, it makes me so frustrated. Please don't judge me, all I need is help. Is this considered a drug addiction . how can I deal with this , it honestly makes me feel good. But I know not everyone will take this in consideration, but either way, good or bad, I appreciate it. thank you.