Do you want your country to boycott the 2008 Olympics?

While China has made huge economic strides in the last couple decades, the government still keeps a tight lid on media activity. And while hosting the summer Olympics helps bring China onto the world stage, it also brings thousands of journalists and reporters to China, many of whom will be bringing attention to things the Chinese government doesn’t want them to. Like Tibet.

French president Sarkozy has said he might boycott the opening ceremony, and many other political leaders, athletes, and advocates have condemned China for its treatment of Tibet.

Do you want your government to boycott the opening ceremony, or maybe even the games themselves? Or do you feel the best way to honor the Olympics tradition is to focus on the games and not politics?

Answer #1

Completly. I, personaly have already boycotted the olympics.

Answer #2

I believe politics should be set aside, yet safety shouldn’t. If anyone is in danger from being there, then by all means don’t go. Boycotting the Olympics maybe just what the Chinese government wants.

Answer #3

the olympics should not be used to gain political ground. thats not what it was created for. But some Worldwide pressure wouldn’t hurt

Answer #4

hmm. well. the olympics were basically started to bring peace and division to war. so doesnt it contradict the idea. as in. if you put the tibet issue with the 08 olympics. it sort of degrades the value of the olympians.

Answer #5

I believe the olympics should not be boycotted. Although I don’t agree with much of China’s policies, the US should boycott other things, such as the many many items produced there that we import. The olympians have worked so hard to get to where they are at, and it should be about supporting them, not being pissed off at the country they’re going to. It wouldn’t be fair to the athletes. Politics shouldn’t mix with the olympics. If most of the world boycotted the products that China produced and turned elsewhere, it could have a large impact. But the government doesn’t listen to the people anywhere, democracy is a dying fad that would not try to boycott China because they depend so greatly on it.

Answer #6

why the hel would i want that?

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