ok to bring animals into war?

do you think its ok to bring animals into war?

I personally think its wrong. but how do you feel about it and why?

Answer #1

put it this way- would you rather it be your brother than your dog?

Answer #2

Ty and Jimahl are right. No one should be sent to war… War is a concept that is outdated. As humans we need to progress to a more intellectual way of settling our problems.

Answer #3

I’d rather animals die than people. I’m kind of biased like that.

Answer #4

If it is ok to send a human being into war, why would anyone think it is not ok for an animal? Are animal lives more important than human lives?

Ty is right. It should never be ok to send anyone to war. Some times it is necessary, but it is never “ok”.

Answer #5

I dont think it’s ok to send any living creature to war. the idiots in charge can go fight it out to the death if they want.

Answer #6

Depends on the animals… We used carrier pigeons for example because we needed to transport messages serenely throughout the battle field. ( They pigeons are trained to go to only one person and or spot and they carry multiple pigeons around for multiple spots) And unless your like a sniper you probably won’t even notice one let alone beable to shoot a moving one. Dogs for example are another thing. We use dogs to sniff out bombs in buildigs to diffuse them, Or find our fallen comrades… So it depends on the animal and their function

Answer #7

*I personally think no one should go to war. people get arrested 4 fighting but then they tell you to fight other people in war. the government are hypocrites.

How can you compare war to a fist fight…?

Answer #8

I think it’s wrong in all directions,putting animals in harms way is not right. That’s like animal abuse seeing all the violence that’s already taking place,I hope it’s never done in life.

Answer #9

same thing you feel

Answer #10

Well I understand back in the day why they were used in the war but now no not at all when we have guns and ext.

Answer #11

If they’re properly trained, they too can serve their country and save lives.

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