Do you think i have to talk to my dr.???

well this been going on for about 2 months! about me not eating almost everyday and if I do it I eat a meal a day, thinking that I am fat , always looking in the morrow and see myself as fat... people say that I am not fat but I know I am!! I am 13... 5 feet tall and 124 pounds a couple months ago I use to weight like 135 pounds!!! I get really happy when people say I got skinny... but I know I have'nt lost a lot of weight yet... I am so stressed wright now... I am going to see my Dr. this thrusday do you think I have to talk to him... what do you think he will say???

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Your Anorexic

Sorry to sayy but true you have all the symtomes

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hunny, im sorry to say thats all the signs of anorexia, so thats probly what your dr. is going to say, but udef need help before you are 75 lbs and in the hospital!

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your not fat every one always say their fat but their actually not...don't let your low self asteem bring you down I no once I thought I was fat but I compared me 2 other people in my school and I was you don't hve 2 lose weight just because people are calling you fat as you get older you will change because I no people who are now like 20 years old and they looked bck seeing how chubby they were and now look at them now they are don't lose weight just eat more healthier food such as fruits and veggies ^___^

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YES! TOTALLY talk to you doctor. this is a sure sign of anorexia. you've heard of that before, right? yeah sure you have.

well he will tell you that this is perfectly normal for girls your age. you can start in a slow, but helpful process in becoming confident in your body again without starving yourself. if you tell your doctor the stress you have will GO AWAY*. try talking to your parents too.


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He/she are there to help you - they are FOR you, not AGAINST you - up to you and you only to seek help...I wish you the best !!

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