Do you know anyone who ever said I dont on their wedding day?

Do you ??

Answer #1

Yeah. It was really intense. The bride said no because she was in love with another man. She cried and told him that she loved him, but not as much as she loved the other man. Then her soon to be husband told her that if it would make her happy to leave him, then he’d let her. If only to see her smile. It was REALLY sad.

Answer #2

I have a question for you, why do you ask so many stupid questions?

Answer #3

You are the most annoying idiot on the entire internet, get a frickin’ life!!!

Answer #4

No, I’ve never seen that happen, but that would be so sad. :(

Answer #5

No but that would be funny haha:)

Answer #6

Yeah, my mom.

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