Have you ever had a lazy day?

I know it’s stupid, but I got bored. Have you ever had a day where you felt so lazy you hardly ever got up to do anything that day?

Answer #1

Yeah, that’s all I did this 3-day weekend was lay in bed with my girlfriend.

Answer #2

Most people have those when they are sick and they threw up a lot and there body is to weak to move.

Answer #3

hell yeah!!! haha! one time all I did was sleep alll day!!! lol but you should have those once in awhile your body needs a rest

Answer #4

yeah lol I ended up reading alll day it was great… my friend and I also had one big one so we watched movies all day and then decided to turn it into a weekly thing, we eat and watch movies and thats it its a good thing because this way we dont crash suddenly, it gets spread out as relaxing :)

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