How much do women masturbate

On average , how many times do women masterbate a day? a week?

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sometimes I masturbate twice a day for 4 days or sometimes I don't do it for a little over a month.

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what the f*ck. those statistics are STUPID. I sometimes do it a few times daily, not counting having sex with my man.
but it does depend on the girl I suppose.

How much do women masturbate?
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Well I can tell you that women do not masturbate as much as men. Not all women masturbate, and the ones that do vary between like 2-3x a week to like once every 3 months. And women usually cum not just once like men lol.

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These statistics in no way define what is normal, only what is average, and the range of diversity between peoples experiences and habits. Be careful to note the dates the data was collected. Female masturbation habits have changed drastically over the past 30 years.

Based on data collected circa 1979
1% masturbated more than once a day
6% masturbated daily
22% masturbated 2-3 times per week
24% masturbated at least once per week
12% masturbated only about once per month
35% masturbated less than once per month.


do you masturbate
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I do to

first Timers
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I have mas*urba*ed a lot.
I'm doing it right now
but it's hardd etoo ceontrolll thhei ekexys

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I masturbate everyday

How many times can I masturbate a week?
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I masturbate twice everyday, just rub till ya drop

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I masturbate twice everyday, just rub till ya drop

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