Do you think i'm pregnant?

I think I am pregnant... I have been eating, pooping, and urinating a lot. Also I have been having back pains. I was suppose to come on my period on thursday.. I was spotting early friday and it stoped... saturday morning I came on my period and I was cramping so bad like I never cramped before!!! BUT it was a normall period... I normally come off my period in 5 days but this one ended in 4... now its 2 days after my period and I have been having minor cramps and having knots in my stomach on and off, also feelin dizy and nauseus... do you think I am pregnant?

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I would take a pregnancy test.
you could have miscarried. that happened to me I spotted a little, took a pregnany test after it had been four weeks. confirmed it from the doctor. then later that week I got my period, had worse cramps than I've ever had and was really sore afterwords and the doctor confirmed that I miscarried. most women don't even know they pregnant because most miscarriages happen with in the first couple of weeks.
I hope this helps!

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my period started on jan. 4 I had sex between 10-19 3 times everyday. I had a period again on the 7th of feb. but it was a lil wierd the 2nd day was really light and the last 3 were heavier NONE of the HPT said positive. its now feb. 16 and I had some brownish spotting along with some brick red type bloodin my pantyliners? someone give me some info.

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My question is going to sound silly. But this is the first time it's happening to me, so I just want to make double sure.
Last month my period STARTED on February 14th, and it's already March 16th and still no period, should I be going by the last day I STARTED or the last day I ENDED?

Also...I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive, but when I came home from work later that day, it was only a negative sign. So I took another test and it came out positive. Then my mom told me, I could just be stressed that's why they're coming out positive.

Is that true? or am I pregnant?

Sorry...more than one question. =)

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Your more than likely pregnant stress can't cause the test to come out positive only having the hGC hormone in your system during pregnancy can. You should definitly get to your doctor and have them do a test the sooner the better! Goodluck!

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buy a test. some people get whats called implantion bleeding it can last for a day or a few everyone is diferent. if it was light bleeding I would get a test to confirm so you dont worry.

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Can anybody help me please? Me & my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex for five months now. & I had my period Approximately 2 weeks ago, & I'm Cramping really bad, as if my periods about to start again. My Breasts are Unusuallly tender. & MY stomach has been growing, im putting on weight. & The bottom of my stomach is hard? My whole entire body is sore. & My stomach hurts when I touch it. I've been having bad gas, Urinating Frequently, & pooping a lot. I've been eating a million times a day (Which isnt normal, because I usually never eat). My face is breaking out REAAALLLY badd.. I dont know what to do. Or WHERE to go to find out if I am, for free since I dont have any money. I dont wanna go to My MD, Because My mom would have to take me. So does anyone have any suggestions for me please? im only 15 years old, very unexperienced.. Dont know what to look for in pregnancy. Could these symptoms be from something else? Or am I pregnant?? I want to have a baby, Could my body Be Playing games with me because I want one so badly? I've thought I was pregnant before, but NEVER had any signs. Please help me! -Hollie.

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I really doubt you are pregnant, but you never really know until you are about a month or two along. Before I knew I was pregnant, my breasts were TREMENDOUSLY SORE-which I thought was a sure sign of getting my period. It actually never came. Until you know for sure, just play it safe. You can always use a pregnancy test at 4 weeks along

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Yer yu are preqnant honey .

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ok this is going to sound a lil wier but is haven to poop a lot a sing of pregancy.. because I eat like once or twies a day and like 10 minuts right after I have to poop but it louse kinda like a mix of poop and water. im suppoes to have mi period sometime dis week but it still hasnt came . I havent taken a test and my next docs visit isnt untill sep 23 so what do I do?? couls I be pregant or not??

if dis helps me and my fiance have been haven unprotected sex...

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