Do scars every really go away?

Ok, if you get cut or something like that, and it hasnt made a scar, but you scar easy, and you really, really dont want the scars, do they ever really go away? I need help. Seriously!

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You can get stuff and it fades scars and could make them completely go away. There is a product called "Prefer On" you can rub on your scars. Don't use it until its actually all healed and scared though, if not I'm sure it wont work. And try being more careful, or stop doing what it is your doing to get cuts.

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I used to cut my hands deep,but it was long time ago,some years back and I had too awfull scars from the start,but I didnt use anything for those scars.but now after my scars have gone.I can only see now a bit browny skin,but thats all.

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Try Mederma for Scars. You can get it from Walmart. It's like 13 bucks.

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no scar will go away never sorry to tell you but if you see the word SCAR it mean it will stay there for ever duhhh

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some scares will fade in time ... you can always use something like Mederma to make sure they are gone ...most of my scares are gone

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I doubt if the really go away

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Scars can fade with time and some will even go away.

I was in a really bad motorcycle accident that has left me with some pretty serious scars. I have discussed the best way to treat scars with my doctor until I'm sure he is tired of listening to me,lol There is nothing out there, short of plastic surgery, that will make a scar go away unless it was going to to begin with. You can use all the creams and treatments you want to, spend tons of money on herbal remedies and the bottom line is the scar is going to do what it wants to do, if that makes any sense.

Let's see if I can explain it any better...If you have a scar and leave it alone, put nothing on it and it goes away, then that is what it was meant to do. If you have a scar and you treat it and it is still there, then that is what it was supposed to do. There is nothing that we can do to our bodies, scar wise, that will change the eventual appearance of the scar.

Having said that, there are things out there that will make some scars less visible. I used Mederma on the pin sites on my leg and on the really bad scars. It did nothing for the bad ones at all. As long as I kept applying the Mederma the pin sites looked better and were less noticable. As soon as I quit using it, they looked just like they did before I ever used anything within a week. Everyone is different and no two people are going to react the same way to any product. All you can do is try them for yourself and see if you like the results.

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thanks. im trying mederma and I have been for over a week now and its working and making it lighter and less red!

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I have plenty of scars. Trust me I would want to get rid of them just as much as you but you pretty much can't. Mederma might help you but it hasn't for me. Might fade it but it will still be there. I have bad scars so there's nothing I can do about that. And those are the ones you really want gone but you can't get rid of them. The littles ones sure. They'll fade but you don't really mind them. So the best thing is to really froget about them and if they fade then they'll fade.

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