Will your hair grow longer if you wear a ponytail?

Will your hair grow longer if you wear a ponytail?

Answer #1

wash it often and take good care of it theres no way of making it grow faster sorry.

Answer #2

mrsbee is correct. The pony-tail causes your hair to break. The tighter the pony-tail, the more breakage. It will not help your hair grow longer. You hair will grow regardless of how you wear it. Depending on how much breakage you have will determine if the hair grows longer or if it just splits and does not appear to getting any longer.

Answer #3

Thats what I was always told bc of the presure of the pony tail pulling on your scalp forces the hair to grow but then i did research and i actually found that by us wearing pony tails its actually breaking our hair. i still wear one bc its just easy for me but i hope this advice helps. good luck

Answer #4

it doesn’t matter

Answer #5

i heard if you wear it in a low braid it grows faster im not sure

Answer #6

NO. Hair grows at the rate it grows, no matter what you do to it.

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