How could I make my hair grow longer quicker?

My hair come just past my shoulders and I have some short bits all around my hair from were I strighten it far way too much! But I have stopped doing it now and have startedto wear my hair curly to make my hair recover & grow longer, I was just wondering is there anything else I could do to help it grow quicker?

Answer #1

Eating healthy working out keeping a good hygiene will help. There are vitamins that will also help. I take them when I get my hair cut short for every new school year. There is biotin, hair skin and nail vitamins, and prenatal vitamins. Biotin is a cumlative of multiple B vitamins which help your hair skin and nails grow faster and healthy. Hair skin and nail vitamins is the same as biotin only has more % of B vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are generally taken by females who are pregnant, but if you aren’t pregnant you can still take them, and it’s just fine for your body. It does help with growing healthy hair skin and nails. There is also shampoos you can use. Look for length/strength, there is also shampoo that you can buy at almost any store, but its horse main shampoo. Generally used to clean the mains on horses, but it is enriched with B vitamins. Safe to use for humans, or they wouldnt sell it at walmart in the beauty department. Hope that helps. And GOOD LUCK

Answer #2

my mom always said if you want your hair to grow faster just put in it a high ponytail and iyt actually works I keep my hair up after school all the timer and its like in the middle of my back

Answer #3

same here ! try showering every other day to maintain its moisture. wear less products especially hairspray because it dries up your hair including its roots. also try herbal essence shampoo for long hair :) or garnier fructise works just as fine. hair conditioner on the tips is just as important. OH YEAH! cut your tips every 2 months.

Answer #4

go get it trimmed. You need to cut off all the damaged ends so that it can actually grow.

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