Do i need to gain weight?

I'm 15 year old guy, satisfied with myself just not too fond with my weight. I weigh 60kg, and am 184cm (like 6 ft) I am obviously underweight. My dad was really skinny when he was my age I guess it comes in the genes. Though I was just wondering if there's anything I could do do at least gain a bit of weight. Idon'tt get teased at school or anything, it's more or less just for my own good. I mean I see others my age really big and stuff so could you help a brother out and give some advice? (thats if I really do need to gain some extra pounds)
Thanks a lot.

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Start working out :). You really need to gain at least 20 kgs, you will look much better at lets say 80 kilos on 184 cm. I'm the same height as you and weight 73 kgs, people tell me im way too skinny. My advice is for you to sign up at your local gym and start working out regulary. Good exercise + nutrition will eventually make you gain weight (muscle mass). You can gain at most 3-4 kilos per month, so I guess an year of working out will be enough for you. If you want any work out programs or have questions about the diet, feel free to ask me.

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