Do hermaphrodites really exist?


I am curious to know whether true hermaphrodites do exist?

As I understand they have both functioning p**sy and d!ck and they live normally.

I happend to see clip where in there were ladies with both organs and at the end they ejculated also !! Which was stunning !!

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My cousin thinks that one of her teachers is a hermaphrodite so maybe they do exist.

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girls ejaculate just as well as guys do ...

Pubirty - sweating balls, croch area, smells really bad! help!

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You seem to have answered your own question so I'm not sure what information you are looking for???

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yes, there are hemaphrodites. they do exist

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Yep, they exist alright. I read a medical book while in college. In it was a whole chapter dedicated to it, and the pictures didn't leave anything to the imagination.

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