Do guys enjoy fingering girls?

Do guys enjoy fingering girls? My boyfriend does it a lot & I can't tell if he actually likes doing it or just does it because he thinks I like it.

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of course they do, do you like making your man cum? of course! giving is better than recieving... make um wiggle and move then you get excited and the more fun you both have.
ask him if your not sure... if he says no ask him if he wants you to do it to yourself and he can watch...

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my boyfriend fingers my vagina and I love it. he sticks his penis up my vagina

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well hopefully i did it twice to my gf and she really loves it (im 14)

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my bf likes it ...............but yes they enjoy it better if you enjoy it

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Guys like it a lot more if the girls enjoys it a lot...and shows it...

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my boyfriend fingers my vagina and puts his penis up my butt 2-3 inches

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ya we like it more if the girl engoys it

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