Do County hospitals take bills to collection?

My boyfriend has a $600 charge from the County Hospital, for a couple xrays and an ultrasound. He definitely doesn’t have the money to pay it. He heard from someone that County Hospitals get state grants annually, and pay off outstanding bills and eventually leave you alone if you don’t pay. Is that true or will this go to collections and ruin his credit?

Answer #1

I know someone in Dade. I will call and check.

Answer #2

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Answer #3

I’ve called the hospital before about stuff like this, they’re usually able to set up a payment plan, and will do it pretty much to your liking (as long as they’re getting some money in they’re happy)

Answer #4

Spoke with my friend, she said that it depends on who is handling your boyfriend’s account. She suggested he call the hospital and tell them that he can’t pay. That he is completely without funds and ask if they can help. If they say they can set up a payment plan, ask to speak with a supervisor. Keep going up the chain until someone comes up with an answer, right up to the hospital director. $600 is not much to write off and she said they might be willing to do that, if not they will probably greatly reduce the bill. They can turn over to collections. The funds are there to help those without insurance of any kind.

Answer #5

I’ve never heard of anyone completely clearing their debt, however I have heard of people negotiating their bill and its worked.

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