Do Americans hate France?

I am wondering what Americans think of France. There is a lot of media here in Europe that says Americans hate France for the government policies and because of other reasons.

I would like to know what American people think of all this. You must know that most French people do not hate Americans, we want Americans to be welcome in France. American culture is popular in France, we like American music, movies, food and other things. Yes we are not happy about your choice of president or the Iraq war. But we do not hate Americans. If you visit France you are welcome all we ask is that you learn from French before you come. We are proud of our language and I think it is good for you to learn to speak some French. If you do we will be happy to speak English with you. And our soldiers fight next to yours in World War 1 in many battles. We have a long history together.

Answer #1

I had a french girlfriend, foreign exchange student :)

Answer #2

I lovee France!! I wish I could go sometime… FRANCE IS AWESOME!

Answer #3

I LOVE France! I am learning French just to live their someday! And I really think socialism is the way to go

Unfortunately…I think a lot of Americans think differently. A lot of American do not like the French government and their socialist ideals. Americans do not like taxes…I say—tax the RICH!

Answer #4

Having been to France, I know for a fact French don’t hate Americans.

And, having seen the idiocy committed by the US politicians regarding the whole freedom fries incident, I can say for a fact American politicians are stupid (as a group - individually, they may be very bright).

I’m sure that American politicians also don’t like the socialist policies of the French, because they treat people more fairly, have universal health care, haven’t had the massive recession or massive deficit that the US government has allowed us to jump into as a result of a war with no reason behind it & faulty intelligence, etc, etc.

There are lots of reasons why jealously becomes hatred…however, that wasn’t your question :) American people don’t dislike the French, and from my experience, the French have no problem with Americans.

If only the politicians weren’t idiots…but, that’s another question entirely.

Answer #5

I’d like to think people would’ve learned by now, to take everything they hear/see in the media, with a small reserve of skepticism.

But I guess not.

Answer #6

wow people actually say things like that I dont hate france I dont think anyone dose I want to go there someday my ancesters came from frace so why would I hate france wow the media is messed up and we here that france hates the americans so weird I dont know I dont pay any atention anymore people get things so messed up now and days

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I thought it was the other way around that french hate americans?…I agree I’m not happy about choice of president either lol! americans feel the same way about the choice of president. I dont hate the french people and I dont think americans do either. Plus we do have a long history. Didnt you guys give us the statue of liberty? I think we dont hate each other I just think its like a rumor or something you know.

Answer #9

I don’t know about all the americans but I do know that if I had the chance to live in france I would I love france more then america actually =)

Answer #10

The answer is no, Americans do not hate the french. Actually we heard that it was the other way around. I’ve been told by many people that the french hate Americans.

Many Americans feel the same way as do do about our President and the war. So no hard feelings there my friend.

I actually think that France is a beautiful place, you do speak the language of love. So I agree with you there as well if we go to your country we should learn at least some french words before we go.

Answer #11

Of course Americans don’t hate us, and of course French people like Americans. There’s only few people in both countries who believes to the imaginary conflict that media try to maintain. Having ennemies is so much better for the audience.

An advice if you come in France, in spite of it’s little size, our country is very varied. France is not Paris, and French are not parisians ;)

Sorry for my bad english, I’ll try to progress before visiting the US. :)

Answer #12

Hate is a strong word. French people are ok, but Im not too fond of the french government

Answer #13

All the americans should bow to the French because they are the reason why america won the revolutionary war. They heped them defeat genenal cornwallis at saratoga which was the turning point of the war. If the French would of never helped america, this so called america would be ALL ENGLAND 2009. WW1,WW2,KOREAN WAR,VIETNAM WAR,IRAQ WAR and many other small but important world conflicts would never of existed. Imagen the seven so called continents controlled by ENGLAND today? INTERESTING RIGHT?

Answer #14

The british hate the the french comrade lol

Answer #15

The very conservative Rush Limbaugh element in American politics has chosen to continue the anti-French sentiment from 2003. This element also believes in American “exceptionalism” and that America is better than anyone at everything, so, in effect, they don’t like anyone. If you listen right now, they’re actively trashing the British who are by any measure America’s closest ally.

Answer #16

that is just stupid. I love france!!! it is beautiful and the people are friendly. and if people in america do hate france…if they show love to us we should show the same.

Answer #17

generally we have a preconceived image of all French people hating americans, and rioting outside of Mcdonalds Paris. my parents went to paris over the summer and said on numerous occasions french people would curse at them. I personally have nothing against french people (im american) its just that I wouldnt be nice to someone who hates everything about myself and my people. but if that’s not the case then great! :)

Answer #18

There is a perception among many (mostly uninformed) people here that the french don’t like americans and are rude to them when they visit. While I have not been there (yet), I know plenty of people who have and all have said the french were great, and would go back in a heartbeat. My daughter was there last January and she loved it.

Rick, rick, rick… still pining for ronnie, huh? I agree, we are reaping the benefits of reaganomics today. A grossly devalued dollar, sky rocketing energy costs, a collapsing housing market, , rising unemployment, huge trade deficits, the largest national debt in history, and deficit spending never seen before. Do you really believe our economy is going good right now?

How can you criticize europe for having problems paying for their social progams, but never seem to criticize the Republicans for their outrageous spending practices.

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