Discharge of clear fluid from penis.

I`m a 23 yr old guy. My problem - For the past 5 years there is a disharge of precum (the water like tranparent fluid) after every time I urinate. This doesn`t happen immediately after urination but a few minutes later, maybe after 20 mins or 30mins. The discharge is only a small drop. sometimes I feel the slow sensation of fluid flowing in the urethra, but sometimes I dont feel. I come to know only by the white stain on my underwear. And also whenever I feel the urge to urinate its very urgent. I mean the urge is very strong. I need to rush to the toilet. Normally this strong urge is experienced in winter or when a lot of water is drunk. But for me its always like this. For this reason I used to drink less water. My lips and tongue became very dry so I started drinking more water. Now I needed to urinate more frequently than before and I feel a burning sensation at the tip of th penis. And the urine is white and clear everytime except early in the morning. If I drink less water my eyes also become dry and I feel like my eyelids are rubbing on my retina. I feel like fainting. I have a doubt that my kidneys are not capable of processing a large quantity of water or my bladder is weak. And for the fluid discharge- I think my parasympathetic nerve might have become weak, since I masturbate very frequently (twice a week) but I dont know what to do. I`m very frustrated with these problems and I`m very much worried about my married life. I`ve not married yet. Please help me with these problems and suggest any cheap medicines or a home remedy would be even better. I will be very greatful to you.

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go pee before you NEED to pee.
You are holding it too long.
The white liquid is most likely from "Morning Wood" and just going the the motions.
Or an erection during the day... which does not result is sex, giving your penis a sense of rush of precum but never releases... it finally makes its way out.

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Ok well its good for your urine to be clear it means you dont have a lot of toxins inside you that your body doesnt need to release. As for peeing all the time drink less water but not to less because your body needs to be hydrated. Drink 8 glasses a day that would be the closest estimate.

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burnt? no. probably a...uti or something? I don't know.

what is this clear watery fluid coming out of my vagina?

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