How to talk dirty to my boyfriend?

how do I talk dirty to my boy friend...what should I say should it go what will he say back?

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I had a hard time conquering "the art of dirty talk" aswell. After a lot of research though I've found that the best way to start is to ease into it. Maybe pick an erotic story and read passages from it to him. That way, you can pick up on what kinda stuff in interesting him, if you pay attention, and also gain some ideas for when you go to make it up yourself. another thing I found reallly helpfull was this guide:
hope that helps!

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dirty talking is kind of annoying,i you ask me.
basically if he wants you to tlak dirty,
he wants you to fantasize outloud on what you want to do.

for example:
"i want you to f*ck me as hard and as fast as you can"

Like that,but use LOTS of detail.
he'll most likely say something similar back to you.

play aorund with it.

Dirty talk
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Perhaps you'd like to check out - it deals with this topic in great (some migth say gross) details.


How to get my boyfriend to talk dirty?
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i agree with mrscobainx3 talking dirty is just making both of u more h0rny and is quite annoying u shouldnt have to talk dirty to ur bf

How do I get my boyfriend to talk dirty to me ?

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