What are some dirty talk examples?

My boyfriend loves dirty talk. Can you guys give me some examples? I'm not very good at it.

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It doesn't have to be dirty, but try telling him what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you. This not only helps with the talking, but it also lets him know how to please you.

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if your a girl I can tell you how 2 talk back, boys would like da way I talk, so there going 2 like it if you talk da same, heres what 2 say back:
1. Talk bout how dirty you tink he is an how you like it!
2. and sexual things ud do to him, like suckin his manhood
3. instead of talkin dirty if your not comfy wit it, show him parts of you that he likes!!

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harlemkid , people asked what are the example of dirty talk, not the safety of sex or what should she do before sex.

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Anything thts got to do wit a blow job! A guy would love you lol! just be sumtin like "I wanna suck so hard ALL NIGHT"... and then just smile but don do it and just keep teasin him syain tings like that.. Its gonna drive him INSANE that his hearin all dem tings but he cnt get you haha! Promise it works! But then ofcours eif you say that eventually your gonna have to get down:S just clearin lol

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I already gave an example on another funadvice I replied to so I'll jsut copy and paste it, hope it'll help get you started, and yh im a guy but im NOT gay jsut making that clear lol:

my eyes are closed as we kiss deeeply and passioantely, your tongue exploring my mouth sending signals down to between my legs making me want you even more. We fall slowly onto my bed and briefly break away as I take my shirt off for you to be rewarded with your lushious mouth returning to mine, I feel your hand trail slowly down my stomach and under my jeans and panties, rubbing up and down along my moistening lower lips. At that you start to kiss along my cheek to my neck, kissing and sucking on it pleasurably as I lean my head to the side enjoying the sweet feeling on my body before you slowly trail your lips down to my breasts, sucking on one then the other thru my bra before I take it off, letting you have full access to my upper body. your mouth immediately begins its perfect work taking my breasts partially into your hot mouth sucking and kissing each one in turn teasing my nipples with your tongue as I moan slightly as your free hand works on the opposite breasts each time. I reach up and take your shirt of loving the site of your gorgeous hot body, eye-fucking every inch of you as you smile at me before going abck to your sweet work before you move back up to my mouth kissing me more as you slowly undo my jeans pulling them down as you move with with them, your lips now trailing down my lower stomach and further...

Obviously a lot more can follow but hope it can help get you started


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Tell him your thinkin of him doing you.
They goo crazy..I told my boyfriend that and he started touchin me up iam like Slow downnn babeee ;D its fun to tease guys

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tell him ... icant wait till I get you out from your clothes...

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to start with the dirty talk maybe it would be like..."im in my bed naked" ..and that would ring a bell..

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