Dirty dare questions!!!

im bored and want to see how many people will anser this so go ahead and write the dirtyest dares and dare questions you can think of!!!

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I like harleyrider's question.
it's too true.

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that's so stupid

flirty truth or dare questions and dares

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never mind I wasnt shur what everyoe was writen about on da clean ones...sry I ment what I coulddare my friends to do

I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare
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I dare people to just be themselves and not do things just because everyone else did it.
I know this may seem lame but it is hard for most people to march to a different drum.

Dirty dares

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I dare you to give a guy a BJ..the spit the c*m into a girls p***y

Dirty truth or dares
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ok well- dare your friend to sit really close to her crush and rub his groin area until he says something and then their is strip man in stead of hang man when someone guesses the wrong letter they have to strip! last one- dare your friend to get 100% naked and kiss a poster with your crush on it while you are in the room it gives you a rush lol!!

Truth or dare game questions

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Why does my husband encourage me to be naked 24/7 for his friends, family, neighbors or any others who may come to our door where I answer naked? I was naked even as a child till I left home at 19 and I still stay naked at home and at my parents house whenever we visit to this day for family get togethers till we leave days later. My parents get togethers consist of extended families, neighbors and even dads coworkers. I feel he gets an thrill in seeing me naked as it leads to great sex afterwards. What are your comments?

What are some dirty truth or dares?

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