Questions i can ask in a truth and dare

ok theres a truth and dare thing coming up and I am crap at thinking on the spot so please can someone give me questions I can ask in a truth and dare thing aswell as dares I can give to do. btw this aint like the kiddy things proper adult thing.

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I dare you to take off your pants and lay ontop of ---
insert name here

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I dare you to sleep with me.

flirty truth or dare questions and dares

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I dare you 2 something really dirty 2 me

Truth or dare game questions
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1) Kiss ___ for ___ minutes/seconds
2) lick___'s earlobe
3) Lick wipcream off of ___'s abs (make sure they have abs ;) )

I need 10 dirty dares 4 truth or dare

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u could dare someone to lick a tree or make sheep noises

Dirty truth or dares
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I'm the queen of truth or dare so here are some questions I ask or have ansered: Have you ever had sex? What was your most ebaressing moment? do you have any weird pearcings or tats? are your boobs real? How many boys have you tounge kissed? who was your firs kiss with? What is the stupidest thing you've ever done for a guy? Who do you have a crush on? have you ever cheated on your boyfriend? did you ever get into a fight with another girl?

Dares: I dare you to go outside and scream Me give head for $10.
I dare you to walk outside and kiss a tatal stranger.
I dare you to throw a watter balloon at a car.
I dare you to lick your boobs.

well i hope that helped

good naughty dares to do in truth or dare

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I dare you to sleep on the floor next to your bed

What are some dirty truth or dares?

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