What direction does blood go when you are shot?

do any of you know where I can find an image? I’m can’t find anything using Google. This is part of my project on murders.

Answer #1

Im not sure but i think it circulates the same only since you have a hole in your body, it would be logical that it flows out your body.

Answer #2

Does it splatter on the wall in drops, or as a light mist?

Answer #3

Depends on the range, the size of the bullet, type of gun, etc…

Answer #4

My guess is towards the hole? xD Idunno, not a whizz at that stuff.

Answer #5

I believe that the initial period following a gun shot wound blood would be directed to the wound site so that the blood platelets will clot the flesh breakage.

Answer #6

It all depends on the site of impact, the angle of penetration and the caliber of the projectile- in general however after being shot the blood will follow the trajectory of the bullet.

i.e. The blood is pushed in the direction that the projectile is traveling.

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Answer #8

With superficial gunshot (arms, legs) wounds that is sometimes true- in the abdomen and thorax the victim generally bleeds out (I have seen this in the ER) unless the blood vessels are clamped or compressed. Clots will not form in the presence of elevated hydrostatic pressure as occurs in large blood vessels. Even a small caliber (22) that tears through a victim’s neck (carotid artery or jugular vein) will loose huge amounts of blood in a very short time- (seen that too). Take a shotgun blast to the abdomen and most likely “You gona die” in the words of a surgeon that I worked with- messy business.

Answer #9

Forgot to add- fragmentation of the projectile(s) is also a major cause of damage as the bits that fly off (after hitting a bone, for example) spin and tumble.

Answer #10

eeeeee I just did an image search on Google and found lots with ‘Blood Splatter’. A bullet (like a drop of water hitting the surface of another solid) causes both forward and backward defection- it is just forces & physics.

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