Diluting alcohol (specifically vodka)

If I dilute my 1.75 liter bottle of vodka, does the alcohol stay on top? I am trying to get my husband to cut down for health reasons - but he is sneaking my vodka - so I figure if I dilute it, he won't get as much alcohol. I want to know since there is only one bottle, if I should shake it up when I pour mine? He mixes his with cola, so he should not be able to tell the difference. He would know if there were 2 bottles open. Tried that.

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But seriously Patti, taking his vodka is not cool.


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Just let Stephen have his vodka. Stop watering it down!

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Speaking from experience, he's going to know if the alcohol is not the same. He's got an alcohol problem quite obviously, and he's going to know if his alcohol is not as strong. Try doing this through a more direct route because if he isnt getting drunk off 7 drinks, then he'll just do 10... Trying to water it down is not going to do any good.

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If your husband is unable to to cut down on his drinking without help but you are not willing to cut down on yours, congratulations, you're officially an enabler.

But I won't judge your hypocrisy. Not my place. I will, however, judge your bizarre reasoning that vodka mixes with cola but does not mix with water, or the idea that someone won't notice that their drink have suddenly become watered down.

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I have done my best to do the same thing you have. The girl I am with (who I should leave, but can't) has a horrible drinking problem...some day it will kill her.
I quit drinking several years ago, but she won't.
Anyway, I used to poor small bits of water into her bottle when she was taking a shower or stepped outside...for a time, it seemed to work. However, I got carried away and she began to notice. Now, she watches for it.
One thing I try from time to time, is just pooring some of it out. Just a shot or two...every little bit helps, right?
If I do put some water in it, I make sure I dry the bottle off and set in the EXACT same place it was in.
Also, once she closes her eyes to laydown (she says she is tired, but she is on the verge of passing out), I pour the whole damn thing out. I place the empty bottle back where it was...sometimes I may leave a bit in there just so she thinks she drank it all.
Another thing to try, is setting the bottle in place where it will be knocked over easily by the drinker. Loosen the cap, maybe even set it on its side. This way, it will be knocked over and spilled...not all of it will be spilled, but a good bit will.

However, this works for me, because I do not drink any longer...maybe some of this will help you, though.

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patti, you conniving B*TCH!



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Oh hey answer 6 of 9, yes you ARE judging. As if life were that easy, and if it were there wouldn't be a problem, don't kick someone when they're down unless you ENJOY being an asshole. Getting out of the jail of the mind is no laughing matter.
Girl, I don't think you're making good choices but I wish you a better journey whether it's with him or on your own. Controlling his choices is impossible, human beings are too innovative for that, when it comes to evolution we're on the top for a reason. Your willingness to not draw the line and say no makes you an easy girlfriend, he might like your ways but what had he done to love your soul?
Love isn't just you loving him, it's him loving you, at all times, especially when it comes to those IMPORTANT choices. Doesn't he value what's important to you? Would he stay with you if you were straight forward? If he loved you wouldn't he listen to you and take in your perspective, not in thought, but in decision making? A partnership is side by side, not one following another you're no puppy.
I hope you find some dear friends to lean on through this challenging relationship, you need loyal allies who respect you no matter your struggles or conclusions.

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