how to differentiate status updates from questions when asking them and looking for them on this site?

Answer #1

Questions that are asked in the wrong format or are frequently asked either get put or moved to the status update section. You can use the site search to check and see if your question has been asked before to prevent wondering why your questions get moved. When your searching, if you open the question you will see at the top of the page if its a status update or question.

Answer #2

oh thanks! But can you define “wrong format”?

Answer #3

Heres an example of the proper way to ask a question. “What is the proper way to form a question?” Here are some examples of the improper format that ive seen people use. “What: is there a way to properly format a question?” “I was wondering what the proper format for a question was?” You must start with who, what, when, where, how, or is and your question must end with a question mark.

Answer #4

Hmm, ok. Your question can’t start with the word “are”?

Answer #5

..Are, does, why…as long as it’s a legitimate question starter.

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