What are the differences between values, morals, and ethics?

Answer #1

I believe values and morals are more of a personal thing that you grow up with or has to deal with your religion and ethics is more of a wide spread thing if its right or not

Answer #2

Morals and values are a part of the behavioral aspect of a person. There is not much difference between morals and values but both are correlated to each other. Morals are formed from the inborn values. Moral is a system of beliefs that is taught for deciding good or bad whereas values are personal beliefs or something that comes from within. These are emotionally related for deciding right or wrong. Morals have more social value and acceptance than values, therefore a person is judged more for his moral character than the values. One is said to be immoral for a person without morals but no such term is there for the person without values.

While ethics: is showing the best part, the most socially acceptable, and put great appreciation in the morasl and values.

Answer #3

Ethics and morals are basically the same thing, they are basically distinguishing right from wrong. But I think the word moral is more used by the general populace to describe right and wrong behavior when it comes to personal matters (such as say sex outside marriage), while ethics is used more to describe a professional or a widespread treatment of others (such as ‘do no harm’ would be in the ethical guidelines of most care taking professions). Values are what you personally hold as being important, values do not have to be described as being right or wrong, they are simply things you hold as important.

Answer #4

Values Is Like Your Feelings On Certain Issues Like Abstinence. Underage Drinking. Morals. Is How Honest You Are … Would You Lie To Cover Up A Thief .Would You Cheat To Pass The SAT.. Ethics Is . Do You Believe Dr Kavorkian Is Wrong? Do You Believe A Terminally Sick Person Has The Right To Die? That The Best Way I Can Describe Three Similar Words.

Answer #5

I like Ty’s answer about the difference between morals and ethics, but I don’t think people always use the words that way. In common usage, their pretty much interchangeable. But “values” means something different. There are moral values, but there are also other kinds: a tool has practical value, a financial asset has monetary value, etc.

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