What is the difference between being a "wifey" and being a "girlfriend"?

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i dont think there is a difference really? the only differences i can think of is paper status with the goverment or which ever and i think there is also an emotion difference moslty with the women, being a "wife" wearing that "ring" and having your spouse say "this is my wife..." not "this is my girlfriend" or in such cases friend. Having that commitment from your spouse.

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I'm not sure if that was a typo or not...but my "wifey" is actually my friend. I generally hear other girls referring to their closest friends as "wifeys". And then a girlfriend is a girl that someone is dating, more an official title that a cute nickname.

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ya i took that question the other way lol here in ontario i dont call my friends wifey or girlfriends they are simply my friends.. lol so i figured the term wife and girlfriend wernt meant as relationship with a spouse

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Lol well where i live the guys call a girl their going w/their Wifey, or they may say "your wifey type or your wifey material".

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There really isn't too much of a difference but in just a girlfriend/boyfriend relationship if the guy cheats on her then there's really no bead to divorce in such way but if he cheats on her and he's a married man, his wife can get him to pay alimony, which in a lot of divorce cases that's what ends up happening. Whereas relationship, I don't think that girlfriend and wife is top different from eachother. The marriage ring just signafies that they're committed to each other and they promise not to leave each other. One of the traditional marriage vows is "Until death we shall part." of course there's divorce but there has to be a reason behind divide. Whereas in a bf/gf relationship, they haven't yet sworn to the vows that they will remain together forever.

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For most people there is a difference.

When people marry their expectations change. The husband might expect his wife to do most of the cooking and cleaning and resent her asking for help after he worked all day. The wife might expect her husband to sell the sports car he loves because it is no longer practical. One partner might expect to have more sex while the other might expect things to cool down. The biggest problem is our society's "happily ever after" view that once we are married that our lives will be quiet bliss but when it inevitably fails to live up expectations we feel disappointed or cheated.

I know a lot of couples who lived together happily for years but once married split up shortly. Marriage caused them to have unrealistic expectations.

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NOt WIFE, i mean WIFEY, as in the slang term not the actual ter wife as in marriage

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NOt WIFE, i mean WIFEY, as in the slang term not the actual ter wife as in marriage

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NOt WIFE, i mean WIFEY, as in the slang term not the actual ter wife as in marriage

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When someone says "your wifey type" it means your the kinda girl they could see there selves marrying.

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ya i think most of us didnt understand what you wanted out of the question maybe its because we are all from different areas of the world.. ive never heard anyone use the term "wifey" here. although ive never talked to any one that spoke in slang sorry for giving you the wrong anwswer

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I've never actually heard a guy use it, to tell you the truth. Here 'wifey' is pretty close to when you're married to your best friend on Facebook.

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if u can trust ur gf to hide ur guns and not be a lil rat, thats a wifey. its all about trust

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When my ex boyfriend and i were dating he called me his "wifey".... i guess its because he thought of me more than a girlfriend we had a really long relationship and it just felt more than a boyfriend girlfriend thing. and when you said your wifey type or your wifey material".

usually means a loong relationship type. or me and my bestfriend say that to eachother but not reallly sure why.

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that too

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In slang terms, it pretty much means the same thing. To me (I'm old, like 28 lol), it's a newer slang word and seems to have taken the place of "boo", in terms of popularity and the times/fads. "Wifey" is just a sweet term of endearment a boyfriend might call his girlfriend, but I don't think being called "Wifey" means someone's boyfriend loves them more or is a "higher status" than girlfriend.

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there really isnt a difference when boys be like thats my girlfriend or thats my wifey. then again i heard when boys say girlfriend they mean im wit here but shes a girl whose a frieend. wifey i love her ad i dont want her to go no where. but still in a way there is no difference

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Could be a diferent degree of commitment?

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You get more commited.

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Typically, whenever someone calls you their "wifey", they're more than likely not serious.

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wifey is like a term for like "oh you my wifey" like thats could be used in a friend term like your not their wife nor girlfriend just a friendly like saying that ur their girl or homegirl and girlfriend is that your theirs and that they love you etc etc etc

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wifey is married.

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A girlfriend is more like in a relationship and a wifey could mean that too i guess but in most cases wifey is like a best friend thing 4 girls

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if its your boyfriend calling u it i guess it doesnt really matter tho ! lol

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not much of a difference i mean either way you can have a shiny ring on your left hand ring finger expensive or not a piece of paper has no effect.

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Where I live we don't say "wifey", we say "the missus". Being the girlfriend is different to being the missus. The girlfriend is the woman the man is going out with. And the missus is the wife or the mother of is children. Example: when my Dad introduced my Mum to his boss or one of his mates he'd say "this is the missus, Charmian." Hope I helped :)

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girlfriend = he adores you, you mean something to him

wifey = he uses that as flirting before he gets the balls to ask you out, and to make you feel special even though you aint together

but sometimes a guy player can call 20 different girls wifey so he doesnt need to use they names etc

if a girl says it its a friendship slang term


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wifey and girlfriend is basically the same wifey is more commonly used with people that live in rough area's
(no offence to people)
its just them creating their own language like homies and possy

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