What if my girlfriend and I are going to different schools?

me and my girlfriend are going to differant schools next year and I don’t know whut to do I dont ever want to lose her.

Answer #1

If you’re both in love, everything should work out. But, however, girls are going to be girls and look at guys – you can’t stop that. but looking is one thing, everyone does it, don’t be worried. Hope you two work out :]

Answer #2

Theres not anything ONE person can do. Its going to take both of you to want to make it work!

Answer #3

It’s ok…there are lots of couples who go to different schools. I know it may be a big change but it will be fine, you can still see eachother sometimes after school, at the weekends and during the holidays. Think of it this way, you won’t be with each other 24/7. Which is a good thing. Boyfriend and Girlfriends need to have some space with each other, otherwise that’s when arguments start. It will be a nice balanced, healthy relationship :)

Answer #4

Depends what you both want. Talk to her.

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