what is the difference between a geek and a nerd?

Answer #1

Nothing is…it is just a different term for them.

Answer #2

Nothing is…it is just a different term for them.

Answer #3

Nothing really. Both just useless, mindless labels for a human being.

Answer #4

There is no difference.

Answer #5

My friends used these technicalities. A geek is anyone who takes an excessive interest or love in any aspect of learning (math, english, science, nose rings, plant species, coping after being held hostage… It could be anything!) A nerd is someone who is a social outcast for acting like a geek, but is not truly interested in learning.

Answer #6

A geek is a form of nerd. A person who loves computers and/or other electronics would be considered a geek. Hence the “Geek Squad” at Best Buy. A nerd is someone who is usually really smart but a little obsessed with a certain thing like computers, books, science, video games etc.

Answer #7

I live in a different country than you and here, we don’t use the term ‘geek’, just nerd. And nerd means more intelligent than you. :)

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