Why didn't the world end yesterday?

1-11-11: need I say more?

Answer #1

Because its supposed to end in 2012 idiot!

Answer #2

No, no no! The world is ending on 11/11/11… Duhhh!

Answer #3

Or 2012…. :|

Answer #4

Oh that’s more reasonable, can’t end the world on a 5 digit date, no no no! :)

Answer #5


Answer #6

I can say the same thing about you for actually believing in that nonsense to start with :)

Answer #7

To make it crazier, my cashier number at work is 111 and they gave me drawer 11 because they thought it was funny. The world may not have ended, but on 1/11/11 at 11:11, cashier 111 with drawer 11 disappeared and a black hole sucked everything up. I’m not lying.

Answer #8

You must have some problems with your life. Just calm down dude, relax , be carefree.

Answer #9

Thanks for the reminder but how did you manage to pull the assumption of me needing to be carefree? Did I phrase it so pessimistically?

Answer #10

noo its 12/12/12…. we have a whole year to live babbayy ;D hahhaaaaa

Answer #11

Nooo you silly goose. It’s ending in November. 11/11/11 at 11:11. Just kidding. Something good has to happen at that time. My lucky number is ten. ^^ That adds to ten :P

Answer #12

You’re full of sh-t!

Answer #13

or 21.12.2012 :p

Answer #14

Because it didn’t…

Answer #15

It’s funny, yesterday I happened to look at a friends clock just as it was 11:11:11, and I laughed, and then I looked at the date and freaked out a little. Same thing happened at 1:11:11. It was rather creepy considering I don’t look at the time that often.

Answer #16

I have a suggestion, when you’re maybe confused about whether someone is being sardonic, read other people’s answers before answering… No, it was quite humorous if you’re on the same page. Otherwise, actually i cant even imagine not getting this, so I have no clue what you come off as if one is completely clueless.

Answer #17

:( That’s what I would have said, although I would have been attempting to be humorous. Maybe everyone missed the joke (please tell me you were joking…).

Answer #18

I was joking Ty, totally joking :)

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