Did you go see Prom Night the movie?

Did anyone go see the movie Prom Night? I went and saw it, I thought it was okay. If you went and saw it what did you think of it? If you didn’t go see it, are you planning to?

Answer #1

Nah; it wasnt that good. only one part made me jump an thats when the girl looked out the lil hole on the door; & the killer popped up. oh & the preview with the people who wore white mask; ha that scared me more than the movie.

Answer #2

Nope, but I am planning to, because my friend saw it and said it was AMAZING! :]

Answer #3

No I havent but some of my friends have and they said it was awesome! Im totally going this weekend!

Answer #4

No, I haven’t, but I plan to soon. My friends said it was really good though. =)

Answer #5

I saw it, but I didn’t really like it. I thought it was okay…but I expected it to be a lot better, ya know?

Answer #6

No I haven’t. I do plan to go see it. I heard from some people in the school that it is really good.

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