Whos going to see new moon the first night it comes out?

Whos going to see new moon the first night it comes out? I am and im like so excited! If your a person who thinks the twilight saga is gay dont say anything offencive. I already have a brother to say stuff like that

Answer #1

im going at midnight!!! woot

Answer #2

I am and I can’t wait!!!

Answer #3

I’m going at midnight!!! I got tickets like three months ago for me and two of my friends… I’ve been counting down obsessively since then!!! TEAM JAYLOR!!! xD

Answer #4

eRm… idont know… people are like going to be hours earlier than the movie… and people are probably going to be sitting on the floor. Too much caos. I think I’ll see it a week later. Or maybe get it on boootleg lol ;]

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