Did Kanye West apolgogize to Taylor Swift?

Did Kanye West apolgogize to Taylor Swift? How and what did he say? If he hasn’t he really should. In my opinion. Did he admit to being drunk or something?

Answer #1

An impersonal publicity stunt style apolgy on a BLOG is not an actual appology. All he did was make excuses for his behavior- by saying he’d been drinking.

If he genuinely feels bad about it, he should do the honorable thing and apologize to her in person, when there aren’t a hundred cameras around. It needs to be to her, in private. It shouldn’t be about getting the public’s approval, or getting back on his fans’ good side- it needs to be between the two of them. So no, I do not think Kanye West has apolgized to Taylor Swift. We learn how to apologize when we’re four, ‘say your sorry to susie. tell her you didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and that you won’t do it again.’ If a toddler is expected to give a personal heart-felt apology, then this ‘grown man’ should do so too. He should be held accountable for his rude, inconsiderate behavior. This isn’t the first time Kanye has thrown a public temper tantrum.

Answer #2

yes he did…yes he admited to have been drinking…and im not too sure if he told her sorry in person but I deff know that he said he was sorry on his blog

Answer #3

I agree. he needs to make a serious public apology. not something on a stupid blog.

Answer #4


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